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(General) Subject: Employment Opportunities - Vacancy Announcement for Pathways Recent Graduates Internships

Posted Date:March 18, 2015

Author: Todd May, Director of Communication Services, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Employment Opportunities - Vacancy Announcement for Pathways Recent Graduates Internships


These internship positions are located in the Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSA). FSA administers funds for Federal student financial assistance to help students and families pay for the cost of postsecondary education. FSA is the nation’s largest source of postsecondary education financial aid. FSA educates students and families about the process for obtaining aid, processes millions of aid applications, and disburses billions of aid dollars. FSA administers billions of dollars in existing guaranteed loans, services tens of millions of accounts, and partners with schools, financial institutions and guaranty agencies to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

Job Announcement Number: FSA-2015-0012
Position Title: Management and Program Analyst, Recent Graduates - Pathways Internship Program
DIVISION TITLE: Federal Student Aid (FSA)
SERIES & GRADE: 343 - GS 5/7
SALARY RANGE: $31,944 - $60,895
DUTY LOCATION: Washington DC and Regional Locations - see below
OPENING DATE: 03/18/2015
CLOSING DATE: 03/20/2015


- 3 Vacancies in San Francisco, CA, US
- 1 Vacancy in Denver, CO, US
- 7 Vacancies in Washington DC, DC, US
- 3 Vacancies in Atlanta, GA, US
- 1 Vacancy in Chicago, IL, US
- 1 Vacancy in Boston, MA, US
- 1 Vacancy in Kansas City, MO, US
- 1 Vacancy in New York, NY, US
- 1 Vacancy in Philadelphia, PA, US
- 1 Vacancy in Dallas, TX, US
- 1 Vacancy in Seattle, WA, US


This entry-level position performs analysis and advisory assignments related to the effectiveness of programs and/or the efficiency of the management of operations. Typical duties may include:

  • Prepares materials for work flow and operational analysis, cost studies, and/or equipment utilization
  • Prepares initial work plans and draft reports based on existing procedures or observation of the activity to be studied
  • Reviews both operational plans; current and incoming work projects
  • Makes recommendations for improving methods
  • Advises on the adequacy of budgeting
  • Determines the need for work standards and control systems

There are several openings in various business units, such as:

  • Administrative Services - responsible for managing within Federal Student Aid activities related to human resources programs and operations, facilities operations and employee development
  • Business Operations - provides services to aid recipients and schools, including notifying aid recipients of repayment options, controlling delinquent/defaulted accounts, recommending proactive strategies and consolidating aid recipient loans
  • Customer Experience - responsible for developing, measuring and reporting customer expectations and satisfaction with the federal financial aid services and products offered by Federal Student Aid
  • Performance Management - provides services for all systems integration, reengineering & re-platforming projects; efficient & economic acquisition of products/services; contract performance measures; Annual Performance Plan development, monitoring, & reporting; records management; internal review; audit resolution; risk assessment & risk management strategy
  • Program Compliance - responsible for providing integrated oversight of postsecondary schools and financial institutions that participate in the Title IV student financial assistance programs


Must be a recent graduate who has completed, within the previous two years, a qualifying associates, bachelors, masters, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution.

Veterans preference does apply. Veterans unable to apply within two years of receiving their degree, due to military service obligation, have as much as six years after degree completion to apply.

Academic unofficial transcript(s) must be provided by the closing date of the announcement. Failure to provide transcript will result in an ineligible rating.

For a complete description of requirements, qualifications and application procedures for these Pathways Internship positions, please see the full job announcement at:

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