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(Application Processing) Subject: Launch of Student Aid History on

Posted Date:May 6, 2014

Author: Brenda Wensil, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Launch of Student Aid History on

This week, Federal Student Aid launched a new feature on its streamlined website,, which allows aid recipients to access their federal student aid history directly on the site. Students, parents, and borrowers can now log in to to view their federal student loan and grant information from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®).

This enhancement is the second step of a multi-phase project to develop a single point of entry for students accessing federal student aid information, applying for federal aid, repaying student loans, and navigating the college decision-making process. The site, including this new feature, is also completely accessible on tablets and smartphones.

Through, users can now

  • view their federal student aid history, including loan detail, grant detail, and overpayment detail;
  • get their loan servicer’s contact information;
  • find out how much Pell Grant eligibility they have left; and
  • download their federal student aid history into a text file using the MyData Download function.

To help the financial aid community understand how this information will appear to students, parents, and borrowers on, we have included screenshots as an attachment to this announcement.

Please note that the NSLDS Student Access site will continue to be available and student aid recipients should continue to visit exclusively to:

  • update their address,
  • submit an enrollment change,
  • complete TEACH exit counseling, and
  • provide an organization authorization to their account.

There is no impact to the NSLDS Professional Access website.

Last Modified: 05/05/2014