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(General) Subject: School Partners Survey Information - Quarterly Web Surveys Begin November 9, 2011

Posted Date:November 1, 2011

Author: James W. Runcie, Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: School Partners Survey Information - Quarterly Web Surveys Begin November 9, 2011

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that Federal Student Aid and the Department of Education provide the best services possible to our school partners and, in turn, support the school community in administering the Title IV programs for students, we have implemented a School Partners Quarterly Survey. Through these surveys, we will assess our performance in terms of the ease with which our school partners are able to do business with us.

An independent vendor, CFI Group, will conduct the School Partners Quarterly Survey electronically via the web. CFI Group plans to launch the third quarter web survey on November 9, 2011.

CFI Group will contact a random sample of school financial aid administrators via e-mail and provide a link to the web survey. The notification e-mails will be sent from “Federal Student Aid, through CFI Group [].” The web survey has been designed to take approximately three minutes to complete and will be conducted in a manner that ensures the anonymity of all respondents.

Note: As the school community is aware, we also solicit feedback on the services provided by our federal loan servicers after loan disbursement. Those quarterly customer satisfaction surveys have a separate focus and are used to help determine loan allocation volumes. The next survey on federal loan servicers is scheduled to be conducted in December 2011.

We value the participation of all schools in the administration of the Title IV programs and will use the input we receive through the surveys to assist in ensuring that we provide the best services possible to schools participating in our programs. Thank you in advance for taking the time to assist us.

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