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(Direct Loans) Subject: Loan Servicing Information - Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) Web Sites Available Again (Update #9)

Posted Date:October 12, 2011

Author: Jana Hernandes, Service Director, Operations, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Loan Servicing Information - Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) Web Sites Available Again (Update #9)

Earlier today, October 12, 2011, we informed the community of problems experienced with the new Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) school and borrower Web sites, and In actuality, the problems were limited to the borrower Web site. To reduce frustration for borrowers, the site was taken down and unavailable to borrowers from approximately 3:00 P.M. until 7:30 P.M. (ET) while the Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) worked to resolve the problems.

The Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) has now resolved the problems, and operations on the borrower Web site,, have resumed. We will continue to closely monitor the functioning of both new Web sites and keep the school community informed as necessary.

In addition to our announcements to the school community, we have communicated with borrowers through other outlets. We have explained that Web site volume is very high at this time as there are many users establishing profiles to access the new Web site and completing other servicing-related functions via the Web. This high volume is causing longer than normal response times when using the Web for these purposes. As a result, many borrowers are calling the Direct Loan Servicing Center for assistance and then experiencing difficulty getting through to the call center and longer than normal wait times.

Be assured that the Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS) is diligently working to minimize the Web and phone delays during this high-volume period. In terms of the Web, it may also be helpful to customers to access the Web site during later hours. We appreciate the continued patience and understanding of our school and borrower customers and expect the high-volume period to subside soon.

As previously communicated, we will keep the school community informed of status through the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) Web site. Please monitor the Web site for these updates.

Again, we apologize for the inconveniences to our customers and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Last Modified: 10/11/2011