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(General) Subject: Increased Number of Connection Failures for SAIG Transfers

Posted Date:August 18, 2011

Author: Pamela Eliadis, Service Director, System Operations & Aid Delivery Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Increased Number of Connection Failures for SAIG Transfers

On Sunday, July 31, 2011 we completed an upgrade to the security encryption of the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) software. While this upgrade was a necessary security enhancement, it has unfortunately resulted in an increased number of connection failures for SAIG users attempting to complete data transfers. In approximately one attempted connection out of a thousand, SAIG users receive an error, identified by a 234 error code in the activity or FTP log.

The TDClient software will automatically retry the transfer until the connection is successful. EDconnect users should attempt to retry the transfer if this error is received.

This issue will be eliminated when new versions of EDconnect and TDClient become available. We do not currently have a release date for the new software products but will inform the community as soon as we are able to confirm the release schedule.

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