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(COD System) Subject: COD School Testing Dates Extended for 2010-2011 Award Year

Posted Date:June 25, 2010

Author: William Leith, Service Director, Program Management, Federal Student Aid

Subject: COD School Testing Dates Extended for 2010-2011 Award Year

In a November 20, 2009 Electronic Announcement posted on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) Web site, we provided information about Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) School Testing for the 2010-2011 Award Year. To assist in meeting the needs of new schools, we are extending the first two phases of testing, Common Record Manual Verification and Structured Application Testing, through October 1, 2010. Optional Unstructured Testing will remain open now through October 1, 2010.

All schools that wish to participate in this additional 2010-2011 COD School Testing period must submit a "COD School Testing 2010-2011 Sign-Up Document" to the COD School Relations Center. The sign-up document should be submitted no later than September 1, 2010. Complete testing information is available in the earlier announcement and in the COD School Testing Guide (Volume V, Section 1 of the 2010-2011 COD Technical Reference).


  1. In planning its testing dates, a school should consider that Phase I testing must be completed before Phase II testing begins. As a result, the school must plan to begin testing early enough to complete all desired phases before the October 1, 2010 closing date.

  2. New schools using software from software providers or third party servicers may not need to conduct separate testing. These schools should contact their software provider or third party servicer to discuss testing plans/concerns.

  3. New schools currently processing for the 2010-2011 Award Year do not need to complete school testing.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this announcement, contact the COD School Relations Center at 800/474-7268 for Grants or 800/848-0978 for Direct Loans. You may also e-mail

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