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(General) Subject: Vacancy Announcement for Institutional Review Specialist GS-1101-9/11/12 (ALL Recruiting SOURCES)

Posted Date:May 6, 2010

Author: Robin Minor, Acting Chief Compliance Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Vacancy Announcement for Institutional Review Specialist GS-1101-9/11/12 (ALL Recruiting SOURCES)

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is looking for the best and brightest to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the nation. If you are a highly motivated, creative individual who would like to work regulating schools to insure compliance with the Title IV regulations; help students and their families obtain financial aid to further their education; and, enjoy a rewarding career in government service, this is the position for you!

We thank you in advance for your interest in serving our nation and its students as part of the FSA team.

Job Announcement: FSA-2010-0217
Position Title: Institutional Review Specialist
ORGANIZATIONAL TITLE: Federal Student Aid, Program Compliance Office, School Eligibility Channel, School Participation Management Division, School Participation Team.
SERIES, GRADE: GS - 1101 - 9/11/12
BASIC SALARY RANGE: $41563 - $78355
GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: 31 Vacancies in Atlanta, GA and Chicago Metro Area, IL and Kansas City Metro Area, MO and Denver [Includes Lakewood], CO and Dallas, TX and Boston Metro Area, MA and New York City, NY and Philadelphia Metro Area, PA and San Francisco County, CA and Washington DC Metro Area, DC and Seattle, WA

NOTE: Applications must be submitted by the closing date: May 12, 2010.


The Institutional Review Specialist works with Program Compliance team members to develop background data. Conducts program reviews of student financial assistance programs at postsecondary educational institutions to determine whether such institutions are in compliance with Federal statutory and regulatory provisions governing the administration and management of the student aid programs.

Prepares written reports of review findings and of recertification, audit and financial analysis issues, transmitting results of the on or off-site review to the supervisor for review for technical accuracy, soundness of judgment, recommendations, and consistency with national policy and procedures. Follows up on the resolution of all deficiencies noted in the review, including analysis of institutional responses to the report and operational procedures necessary to adjust the institution's reporting and funding status.

Works closely with School Participation Team members and representatives of institutions in analyzing institutional applications for participation in the student financial aid programs. Responsible for reviewing, evaluating and making recommendations on specific applications submitted by the institution to determine feasibility, adequacy and sufficiency.

Assists in reviewing and processing alternative method of payment requests.

Conducts analyses of institutional applications for Title IV funding for schools seeking renewal certification; evaluates an institution's fiscal and programmatic capability to administer those programs; analyzes the financial condition of institutions through a thorough review of financial statements and other documents; determines the need for surety and/or escrow and the amount and type of surety and/or escrow required; and notifies the institution of the findings and discuses financial issues, as appropriate.

Establishes and maintains consultative relationships with officials of institutions, e.g., presidents, deans of departments, financial aid officers, administrative and fiscal officers, professional organizations in the field of postsecondary education, proprietary institutions and state education and other regulatory agencies.

Evaluates conditions during the program reviews for gross mismanagement and pervasive non-compliance with Federal regulations that may jeopardize Title IV funds. Where those conditions exist, support that conclusion and justify recommendation for appropriate administrative action. If departmental authorities concur with the proposed administrative action, gathers evidence and prepares case against the institution.

Participates in workgroups, seminars, and conferences as appropriate.

Please see the job announcement at for application information.

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