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(General) Subject: Release of Policies and Procedures Manual Guidance

Posted Date:September 10, 2009

Author: Jana Hernandes, Service Director, Operations, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Release of Policies and Procedures Manual Guidance

We are pleased to announce the availability of “A Guide to Creating a Policies and Procedures Manual.”

We have developed this guide to assist schools in creating and revising written documentation of how they comply with the various federal regulations pertaining to the administration of the Title IV programs. The guide features activities designed to help a school meet the minimum general requirements with regard to documented policies and procedures. The document also highlights additional areas for which written policies and procedures are suggested in the Federal Student Aid Handbook.

Although the regulations do not specifically require schools to consolidate their documentation in the form of a policies and procedures manual, schools that have a manual often find it easier to implement and adhere to established procedures. The use of a manual also helps schools routinely review and update their operations and may streamline school audit and program review experiences. It is a tool to assist schools in being good stewards in the administration of the Title IV programs and the delivery of funds and services to students.

Note: This document has been prepared to provide schools with basic guidance to develop policies and procedures. However, it should not be assumed that this document is all- inclusive. For a more complete explanation of specific program requirements, a school should refer to the applicable statutes, regulations, and the Federal Student Aid Handbook. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all Title IV requirements outlined in statute and regulations are met.

The policies and procedures manual guidance is available on the Quality Assurance Web site at the following link:

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