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(General) Subject: Emergency Preparation

Posted Date:August 31, 2009

Author: William J. Taggart, Chief Operating Officer

Subject: Emergency Preparation

The Department is monitoring hurricane forecasts in the Atlantic and the fires in California and is prepared to implement appropriate actions, as necessary, to assist impacted schools and students. For guidance and contact information for students, schools and others in the higher education community impacted by these storms, please visit:

We are encouraging all institutions that have not done so already to provide us with alternate contact information for critical personnel. This information can be easily submitted to us using Box 69 of the “Application for Approval to Participate in Federal Student Financial Aid Programs” (E-application) available at This way we can be sure that contact information for your institution is accurate and current. Attached are step-by-step instructions for accessing and completing the E-application.

While we certainly hope that this information will be unnecessary, we want to be prepared to help those that may need assistance as quickly as possible.

Last Modified: 08/30/2009