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Summary: Electronic cohort default rate appeals demonstrations now available on video

Publication Date: September 17, 2008

Author: Susan Szabo, Chief Business Operations Officer, Federal Student Aid

Summary: Electronic cohort default rate appeals demonstrations now available on video

Posted on 09-17-2008

Federal Student Aid is pleased to announce that the electronic Cohort Default Rate Appeals (eCDR Appeals) online demonstration sessions are now available for viewing on video. These online demonstration sessions were recorded via Microsoft Office Live Meeting. There are three separate demonstration sessions available. Session information and links to the videos are provided below.

The first session includes information on registration for eCDR Appeals:

The second session includes information on preparing and submitting a new data adjustment (NDA):

The third session includes information on preparing and submitting an uncorrected data adjustment (UDA):

Please note that a Recording Key is not required, simply enter your name and hit "View Recording". There are two versions of the video available for streaming or downloading. If viewing the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay version, it's recommended that you install the Replay Wrapper available at the same site.

Data manager user instructions for reviewing an NDA case are not included in these demonstration sessions. However, the steps for a data manager to respond to a school's NDA are very similar to the incorrect data challenge (IDC) process. Data manager users needing a refresher session in responding to eCDR Appeals cases may refer to the March 12, 2008 IFAP announcement to view the data manager demonstration session. A link to this IFAP announcement follows:

All eCDR Appeals users should refer to the eCDR Appeals User Guides for complete instructions on using eCDR Appeals. User Guides are available for the registration process, as well as the IDC, UDA and NDA processes. These User Guides can be found on the eCDR Appeals homepage, available at

If your organization has any questions regarding eCDR Appeals, please contact Default Prevention and Management at (202) 377-4259 or via e-mail at

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