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Summary: 2008-2009 CPS Web Demonstration Site

Publication Date: November 30, 2007

Author: William Leith, Acting General Manager, Application, Operations and Delivery Services, Federal Student Aid

Summary: 2008-2009 CPS Web Demonstration Site

Posted on 11-30-2007

Federal Student Aid is alerting all schools and other agencies that there will be a brief delay in the release of the 2008-2009 Central Processing System (CPS) Web Demonstration (demo) site. The Web site was originally scheduled to be available for use on Monday, December 3, 2007.

The Web site contains demo versions of both the 2008-2009 FAFSA on the Web and FAA Access to CPS Online Web sites. The FAFSA on the Web demo site can be used to demonstrate electronic applications to parents and students or as an aid in training financial aid administrators to help students complete electronic applications. Financial aid administrators can also use the Web site to become familiar with FAA Access to CPS Online and train their staff to use the system.

Federal Student Aid regrets any inconvenience this delay in availability may cause you. We will post a follow-up announcement on Tuesday, December 4, 2007, to let you know when the CPS Web Demo site will be available for your use.

If You Have Questions

Additional information regarding the CPS Web demo sites, including the Web site address and login information, can be found in the 2008-2009 CPS Test System User Guide, available for download in PDF format from the Federal Student Aid Download (FSAdownload) Web site, located at, under “Technical References and Guides.”

If you have any questions regarding the FAFSA on the Web demo site, contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 800/4-FEDAID (800/433-3243) or by e-mail at TDD/TYY service is also available at 800/730-8913.

If you have any questions regarding the FAA Access to CPS Online demo site, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 800/330-5947 (TDD/TTY 800/511-5806), or by e-mail at

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