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Summary: Newly Designed Federal Student Aid Assessments Available

Publication Date: April 20, 2007

Author: William Leith, Acting General Manager, Application, Operations and Delivery Services, Federal Student Aid

Summary: Newly Designed Federal Student Aid Assessments Available

Posted on 04-20-2007

Federal Student Aid is pleased to announce the availability of the redesigned FSA Assessments. The FSA Assessments are a useful tool to help schools improve compliance with a variety of Title IV requirements.


FSA staff designed the FSA Assessments to provide schools with a Tool to assess their Title IV operations to ensure the school is in compliance with regulatory requirements. The assessments were originally designed for schools participating in the Quality Assurance Program, but have evolved into a web-based product that can help all participating Title IV schools with compliance efforts. The sixteen assessments include hyperlinks to all applicable regulations, FSA Handbook citations, Dear Colleague Letters, and other guidance. The assessments also include activities to help schools test compliance on an individual student level, similar to what a program reviewer or auditor would do. The newest addition to the assessments is the Policies and Procedure template that provides schools with a mechanism to review current policies and procedures or to develop a new policies and procedures manual from scratch.

The FSA Assessments can assist schools in the following ways:

  • Help sustain compliance with Title IV Requirements
  • Help prepare for a program review or audit, or respond to and address findings from a program review or audit.
  • Help develop or enhance policies and procedures

FSA Assessments access

Schools interested in accessing the FSA Assessment website can visit Schools are also encouraged to view a taped Microsoft Live Meeting Session that provides a demonstration of the FSA Assessments. The taped session can be accessed at the following link: (scroll down to the 2007-08 FSA Assessments Training).

Contact Information

We look forward to assisting schools by providing them with the tools such as the FSA Assessments. If you have any questions about the Assessments, you can send an email to

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