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Summary: Registration for the New AmeriCorps Online Payment System

Publication Date: August 23, 2006

Author: Jerry Yetter, Director of Accounting and Financial Management Services,
Corporation for National and Community Service

Summary: Registration for the New AmeriCorps Online Payment System

Posted on 08-23-2006

The Corporation for National and Community Service is pleased to announce the launch of the new AmeriCorps Online Payment System for the National Service Trust (Trust). This new automated system is going to revolutionize the way the Trust does business and make processing Segal AmeriCorps Education Award payments much simpler and easier for all involved by:
  • Dramatically speeding up payments
  • Eliminating paper forms and mailing costs
  • Providing electronic records of requests
  • Reducing the administrative burden
  • Offering easy access to online help

As you might recall from an earlier announcement (posted on this site 5/17/2006), the new system allows AmeriCorps members and alumni to create and submit their Education Award requests (including Forbearance and Interest Payment requests) completely online, removing the need to fill out and submit paper forms. Once registered for the system, educational and financial institutions will in turn access the system and process the requests for payment online, resulting in a faster turnaround of payments.

Participation in the new system begins with a simple registration process. To better facilitate this process we provided educational and financial institutions access to the system beginning August 16th, a week prior to the official launch. We encourage you to register and create your Institution Account if you have not already done so. AmeriCorps members and alumni will begin to submit Education Award, Interest Payment, and Forbearance requests through the system beginning August 25th. They can only submit to institutions that have registered, so please log on and register today to help get your payments faster.

To register for the Online Payment System, go to the website and click on the AmeriCorps Online Payment System link in the For Organizations section to create a new institution account. For additional information, please contact the National Service Trust at

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