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Summary: Procedures for Adding New Federal School Codes to 2005-06 FAFSAs for Students Transferring Because of Hurricane Katrina



From: Terri Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid

Subject: Procedures for Adding New Federal School Codes to 2005-06 FAFSAs for Students Transferring Because of Hurricane Katrina

Many schools are helping students transfer from institutions impacted by Hurricane Katrina to their own institution so that these students can continue -- and in many cases begin -- their postsecondary educations. Federal Student Aid wants to support these efforts by facilitating the transfer of FAFSA information.

As we discussed in our September 2, 2005 IFAP announcement, in some cases the school to which a student is transferring needs to be added to the student's 2005-06 FAFSA record with the Central Processing System (CPS). To make this process as simple as possible, we have temporarily added options for schools to request the addition of a Federal School Code to a transfer student's CPS record. In addition to the methods noted in the September 2 announcement, schools that are accepting students who have been displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina can request to have their school code added to a student's record, as follows:

  • A school can call 1-800-4FEDAID and ask a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to add, for up to 15 individual applicants, its Federal School Code. The school must provide the CSR with each applicant's name and social security number, but it does not need to provide the student's DRN.
  • For larger numbers of students, a school can submit a batch file of student records to the CPS. We will then run an automated process to add the transfer school's Federal School Code to the FAFSA record for each of the students in the file. This special procedure is only available for students who are transferring to a school as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Procedures for submitting the file of student records are provided below.

Schools that want to request that the CPS add its Federal School Code to students' CPS records using the special batch process, must -

  • Create a password protected Excel spreadsheet.
  • Enter the school name and Federal School Code in the first row of the spreadsheet (e.g., FSA University, 001111). This will allow the CPS to identify the school submitting the request and the Federal School Code to be added to all of the student records on the spreadsheet.
  • Populate the Excel spreadsheet with a separate row for each student whose CPS record should be updated with the school's Federal School Code.
  • Each record must include the student's Social Security Number (without dashes i.e., 123456789) in Column A and the student's last name (in all CAPS) in Column B. Do not worry about column width. Example: 123456789 SMITH
  • Save the spreadsheet using the following naming convention: School Name followed by the Federal School Code. Do not forget to password protect the spreadsheet.
  • Attach the Excel spreadsheet to an e-mail message with a Subject Line of "Request To Add Federal School Code"
  • Send the e-mail, with the attached password protected Excel spreadsheet, to -,,, and

  • After sending the e-mail with the attached Excel spreadsheet, immediately call one of the following to provide the password that was assigned to the password-protected spreadsheet: Sandy Weldon at (319) 665-7774, Bill Schulte at (319) 665-7743, or Vicki Rebling at (319) 665-7767. If the e-mail is sent on Saturday or Sunday, you must call Monday morning.
  • Once we receive the spreadsheet and its password, the CPS will add the requested Federal School Code to the most recent CPS FAFSA transaction for each of the students on the spreadsheet. The new school code will be placed in the first open school code position. If all six positions are filled, the new Federal School Code will be placed in the sixth school code position, replacing the school currently listed in that position.
  • Files and passwords received Monday through Thursday will result in new ISIRs being generated and sent to all schools listed on the student's record, including the new transfer school, the next day. Files and passwords received on Friday, will result in new ISIRs being generated and sent the following Monday.

The CPS has already processed requests for one school that is accepting transfer students from schools impacted by Hurricane Katrina. On September 8, 2005, all schools listed on transactions for these students received ISIRs. If you receive new ISIRs you did not expect, you can use the identification keys below to determine if the ISIR records are the result of students transferring to other institutions due to Hurricane Katrina.

  • Transaction Data Source Code = "5"
  • Transaction Data Type Code = "P"
  • Reprocess Reason = "03"
  • Comment Code 172

Schools are reminded that the two special methods described in this announcement for adding Federal School Codes to FAFSA records (by calling 1-800-4 FEDAID without the student's DRN or by using the batch process) can only be used for students who are transferring to a new school because of the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at 800/330-5947 or by e-mail at

Last Modified: 09/08/2005