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Summary: 2003-2004 Need Analysis Servicer Specifications

Publication Date: August 2002

Author: General Manager: FSA Student Channel

Summary: 2003-2004 Need Analysis Servicer Specifications

Posted on August 15, 2002

TO: Need Analysis Servicers

FROM: Application Processing/CPS Federal Student Aid

RE: 2003-2004 Need Analysis Servicer Specifications

With this message we are providing the 2003-2004 Specifications for Need Analysis Servicers and a draft of the 2003-2004 Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) Format to the IFAP. The specifications will also be posted to with in a few days. We will notify you via IFAP when they are available there.

There are several significant changes to the specifications. The following is a general summary of the substantive changes that have been made to each section of the specifications.

Valid Field Definitions

  • Veteran's Benefits Amount increased to 4 digits.
  • Parents' Marital Status Date added

Model Determination

  • Dates have been updated in the applicable edits.

Complete Assumptions

  • No changes have been made to the Complete Assumption edits.

Simplified Needs Test

  • Parameter for Auto Zero EFC edits changed to $15,000.

Complete Reject Edits

  • Dates incremented in rejects A and B and SSN Match Flag check added to condition.
  • Condition for reject C revised.
  • Edits for rejects R, 9, and 12 have been added.

Formula Calculations

  • Updated SST, IPA, EA, ANW, APA, and AAI rates and tables

Please note that the CPS will not have completed testing of these specifications until January 1, 2003. � Servicers should be prepared to receive updates to the NAS Specifications until that time.

If you have questions related to the specifications package or the test data, please call Dan Staples, ORC Macro International, at (301) 572-0272, or e-mail at