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Summary: SAIG System Changes

Publication Date: July 16, 2003

Author: General Manager: FSA Students Channel

Summary: SAIG System Changes

Posted on 07-16-2003

TO: All Destination PointsFROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: SAIG System Changes

We are pleased to announce the release of SAIG software upgrades and supporting documentation. Enhancements were implemented in response to your requests and to improve security. We strongly encourage you to download the latest version to begin enjoying the benefits of this enhanced functionality.Â

EDConnect v5.3.0 and its supporting documentation can be found on the Department's download Website (

Mainframe/Midrange users can find an updated Host Communication Guide and a new TDClient initialization file on; however, call CPS/WAN Technical Support to obtain updated software for your specific mainframe/midrange system.Â

SAIG Transmission Software upgrades:

EDconnect Users

A new version of EDconnect, 5.3.0, which transmits Title IV data through the Internet, is now available to download. This updated release includes the following user requested features:

·        A new error notification process has been added. You will see a new color-coded message in the transmission queue with more detailed information available.

·        The version of your message class table will be automatically checked to ensure you always have the most recent version of the table.

·        New Transmission Queue Templates have been created to allow requests for all data from the COD, DLQRPT and LaRS.

·        To avoid any possible batch integrity issues, the combine feature has been disabled for all message classes for COD, Direct Loan, and Pell.

·        The Batch Number appears in the Activity Log, Mailbox Query, and Archive View. Batch numbers can also be up to 50 characters.

·        The Restored Date appears in the Activity Log, Mailbox Query, and Archive Views. If you have a batch restored, the Restored Date is the date the file was restored. This enhancement simplifies the process of identifying restored files.

Mainframe/Midrange Client Users

A new version of TDClient (formerly known as EasyAccess Client) and supporting documentation is available. This release includes the following user requested features:

·        Enhanced query functions for mainframe/midrange command line users

·        Additional Audit Log functionality that will display ICFAIL information on files sent from your SAIG mailbox.

TDCommunityManager Changes:

The TDCommunityManager (TDCM) allows you to check on data you have sent and received via the SAIG. The website is located at  You will automatically see the changes the next time you access the Web site.  If you do not see the changes then clear your Internet browser cache and refresh your web screen. Enhancement highlights include:

·        All time references are listed in EST/EDT and will be recognized in standard and daylight savings time as appropriate. AM and PM fields are no longer ignored.

·        Link to FSA for Schools Portal by clicking on the FSA Logo on the upper left corner of any screen.

·        Status displayed using understandable terms; DLVD-TO-MAILBOX is now Available, REFUSED-USER is now Rejected, and RECEIVED-USER is now Received.

·        If the cursor is in either of the two right most fields on the search screen, you can click on the ENTER key instead of clicking on 'GO' to submit the request.

·        You may use "%" as a wild card for partial message classes. For example, "%04op%" will return all files with 04OP in the message class. You may also search with "*"as a wild card as long as it is at the end of a field value. For example, "SARA*" will return all files with SARA in the message class.

·        Batch No. column displays the full batch number. You will need to scroll to view the complete number.

·         "Show Received" is now the default selection on the Messages and Archive Tabs.

·        Entered values are retained as you move from one view to another on the same tab.

·        In Archive tab, you will be prompted after clicking Restore, "Are you sure you want to restore all selected files", clicking Yes will complete the restore, and clicking No will cancel the request, but you will need to remove the checkmarks in the restore column.

·        Date Restored by Portal is a new field that can be used on the search screen. This will allow you to search by the date a file was restored from the archive view.

Documentation Updates:

Updates to the EDconnect 5.X Error Code List, EDconnect Installation Guide, EDconnect Desk Reference Guide, TDCommunityManager (TDCM) Users Guide, and the Host Communication Guide for Mainframe/Midrange Users are available at .  Look for additional installation updates in the Host Communication Guide for UNIX clients. For your convenience a Cover Letter is also included which list enhancements to each of the above systems and software. Based on user comments, these guides are in the process of being revised and new documentation will be provided in the upcoming months with a new look and feel.

If you have questions or suggestions for future enhancements, please contact CPS/WAN Technical Support at (800) 330-5947, or via email at