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Summary: 2003-2004 NSLDS Match Flag Situation

Publication Date: March 21, 2003

Author: General Manager: FSA Students Channel

Summary: 2003-2004 NSLDS Match Flag Situation


Posted on 03-21-2003


TO: All Destination Points   Â

FROM: Central Processing System (CPS)

RE: 2003-2004 NSLDS Match Flag Situation

The Central Processing System (CPS) would like to alert the financial aid community about a situation with certain 2003-04 ISIRs processed between 02/17/03 and 03/17/03.Â

ISIRs generated as a result of real-time Corrections on the Web were returned with an NSLDS Match Flag of “0” instead of the match flag value from the previous transaction that had NSLDS data match results.Â

The NSLDS Match Flag is a one-byte field in position 670 of the 2003-2004 ISIR record. The valid values for this field do not include “0”. Unfortunately, this error may cause a problem for certain third party and mainframe systems that cannot import ISIRs that have invalid values in any ISIR field. Users of EDExpress are not affected.

Please note that duplicate requests for any ISIRs, including these, are sent to NSLDS for updated NSLDS information. In addition, if postscreening was necessary for these records since the last time a valid match flag was provided, a new ISIR transaction would have already been sent to you.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact CPS/WAN Technical Support at 800/330-5947 or via e-mail at CPSWAN@NCS.COM.