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Summary: eZ-Audit Registration Instructions

Publication Date: March 20, 2003

Author: General Manager: FSA Schools Channel

Summary: eZ-Audit Registration Instructions


Posted on 03-20-2003


eZ-Audit Registration Instructions

This document provides instructions for school registration to eZ-Audit. These instructions explain how to gain access to the eZ-Audit system through the creation of an eZ-Audit Institution Administrator for your school. In order to access eZ-Audit, you must follow the registration process outlined below.Â

What is an eZ-Audit Institution Administrator?

Each school should select an eZ-Audit Institution Administrator who will be responsible for managing your school’s access to the eZ-Audit website. This individual will receive your school’s user name and password necessary for access, and will be responsible for granting access to additional users that you name. Â

Who should be my Institution Administrator?

The selection of the Institution Administrator is at the school’s discretion. This person could be the same person you currently have designated to submit your paper audit. For state schools submitting consolidated audits the administrator could be your state auditor or designee.

How do I register an eZ-Audit Institution Administrator for my school?

For security purposes, you must submit a registration request letter to the Department of Education.

To register, please mail a letter on your school’s letterhead that includes the following:

  1. First and Last Name of appropriate person in authority (e.g. President/CEO/Chancellor)
  2. Signature of person named in #1 above
  3. First and Last Name of eZ-Audit Institution Administrator
  4. Signature of designated eZ-Audit Institution Administrator
  5. e-mail address of eZ-Audit Institution Administrator
  6. Phone number and extension (if necessary) of eZ-Audit Institution Administrator
  7. Fax Number
  8. OPE ID
  9. Fiscal Year End Date

Note:Â This data is requested for information purposes only, and will help eZ-Audit provide better Customer Service.Â

Where do I send my Registration Request Letter?

Registration Request Letters should be printed on school or corporate letterhead and mailed to:

The United States Department of Education
Federal Student Aid
Attention:Â Ti Baker
830 First Street, Northeast
Room 74G2
Washington, DCÂ 20202

How will I receive my registration confirmation and eZ-Audit Institution Administrator user ID and password?

Your registration confirmation and eZ-Audit Institution Administrator user ID and temporary password will be sent to the email address provided in the registration request letter that you mailed to the Department of Education.Â

You will receive two registration confirmation emails. The first email from eZ-Audit will include your user name and instructions for accessing the eZ-Audit website. For security purposes, your temporary password will be delivered in a second email from eZ-Audit.Â

When will I receive my registration confirmation and user ID and password?

You will receive your registration confirmation emails by the end of March 2003.

Once I have sent in my Registration Request letter and have received my registration confirmation emails, when and how do I begin using eZ-Audit?

eZ-Audit will “go live” April 1, 2003. You may access the system on April 1st.  To access eZ-Audit on April 1, simply type in the URL, in your internet browser, and when the eZ-audit login screen appears, type in the user name and temporary password you received through email from eZ-Audit.Â

Even if you are not required to submit on April 1, please be sure to log on to the eZ-Audit system immediately, in order to change your temporary password and ensure your access to the site is secure.

Beginning April 1, 2003, please consult IFAP for a “downloadable” copy of the Step-by-Step Guide to Using eZ-Audit. This guide will not be available until April. Â

What are the Rules of Behavior for eZ-Audit?

To ensure security of the eZ-Audit system, required Rules of Behavior have been created. Please download a copy of the eZ-Audit Rules of Behavior from IFAP at .  The institution must retain a signed copy of the Rules of Behavior for each of your school’s eZ-Audit users.Â

If you have any questions about the eZ-Audit registration process, please contact eZ-Audit via email at Additionally, continue to consult IFAP for the most current status of eZ-Audit system.