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Summary: Upcoming Automatic Message Class Update

Publication Date: October 2, 2002

Author: FSA Chief Information Office (CIO)

Summary: Upcoming Automatic Message Class Update


Posted on October 2, 2002



RE: Upcoming Automatic Message Class Update

On October 5, 2002 SAIG will send out the message class "MESSAGTB" to all users. EDconnect will automatically request, download, and import this new message table with your next connection to the network. After the MESSAGTB file has been imported, the new message table will be used from that point onward.

The new message table will add the following new CPS message classes for the 2003-2004 cycle:

Msg Class Description Sender ID Record Length
EREP04OP RAPP PIN Request Errors TG50002 109
RADD04IN RAPP PIN Requests TG50002 109
PINR04OP RAPP PIN/Print Notification TG50002 185

The message table update will be transparent to you except for an Import Dialog Box, which will appear on your screen and display the progress of the import as the file is importing. It is very important that you do not click on the CANCEL button during the import procedure. If you cancel the automatic update, you will need to import the file manually.

The new message table file also will be available on the SFADownload Web site ( The file may be found in the section listed as "Message Class Table."


If you have performed a network install of EDconnect, with numerous workstations, the new message table will copy to the edconn.mdb file that is on your network drive. The individual workstations all will have access to the new message table after it has been imported.


The PC that downloads the "MESSAGTB" will have its message table updated. Other stand-alone PC's will need to have the MESSAGTB file manually imported. You can copy the received MESSAGTB.*** file onto a diskette and manually import the file into EDconnect software located on the other stand-alone PC's or you may retrieve the MESSAGTB file from the SFADownload Web site. If you have questions on manually importing this file please contact CPS/WAN Technical Support at 1-800-330-5947 or via e-mail at

It is important to remember if you ever re-install EDconnect, you must manually import the MESSAGTB file, or retrieve the MESSAGTB file from the SFADownload Web site.


You will need to receive the MESSAGTB file from your mailbox at a record length of 80. This file will list one record for each current and deleted message class. Compare this file with the previous message table to determine which message classes have been added or updated.

If you have any questions about the message table, contact CPS/WAN Technical Support at 1-800-330-5947 or via electronic mail at