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Publication Date: September 30, 2002

Author: General Manager: FSA School Channel


Posted on 09-30-2002

TO: Financial Aid Community

From: Schools Channel, FSA


If you're about to file your FISAP on-line, you may want to review the answers to these "frequently-asked questions" before logging in.


FISAP on the Web operates best when you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using Netscape Navigator and none of the solutions below have solved your problem, try using Microsoft Internet Explorer instead.


What's the Web address for filing the FISAP?

How do I login?

You need to provide the first two letters of your last name, your social security number, date of birth, PIN, and "TG" number.

How do I get a PIN?

You can apply for a PIN at

How do I file the FISAP if our school has a TG number and an SAIG mailbox,

but I'm not designated as a user of that mailbox?

The Destination Point Administrator at your school has to assign permission to you to use that mailbox. This can be done on-line at and will take effect immediately.

What if my last name has changed?

Our system matches your last name with your PIN information and the information on file for you at the SAIG enrollment site. If your last name has changed, you may need to update your PIN account and your SAIG enrollment information. You can do this by going to, making the change (takes 3 business days to take effect) and then updating your SAIG enrollment at:


We're still checking our data--can we submit our estimated data and correct later?

Yes. You must submit your FISAP information electronically by October 1st, but you have until December 15th to make corrections.

Is there a problem using dollar signs or commas?

Yes, you must enter all numbers without punctuation.

Can I enter both dollars and cents?

No, you must round to the next whole dollar. (Round .50 and more up--round .49 and less down.)

Why am I getting an error on Part 2, lines 7 and 8?

You can only enter information on ONE of these lines, not both.


I'm having trouble viewing and printing pdf's from FISAP on the Web. What should I do?

These .pdf's are large files and sometimes your internet browser's temporary file folder doesn't have enough memory to temporarily store and display them. In Internet Explorer, emptr your browser's temporary file folder by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, and under Temporary Internet Files, click on Delete Files and then click OK.

If you are still unable to view or print pdf's, and are using a version earlier than Version 5 of Adobe Acrobat Reader, try downloading and installing the most recent version available at (version 5 recommended).


Where do I mail the signature form?

Electronic FISAP Administrator

1953 Gallows Rd, Suite 300

Vienna, VA 22182

What's the deadline for submitting the signature form?

The signature form must be mailed to us with a postmarked date no later than October 1, 2002.

I can't click on the link to print the signature page

from the Self Services section. What should I do?

This link will not be activated until you submit the FISAP. If you would like to print the signature page before you submit the FISAP, you should click on "Part 1" next to "Current Working Version" in the Self Services section. The signature page generated says at the bottom: "DO NOT SUBMIT TO THE DEPARTMENT." Ignore this warning. You may submit this copy (signed) to the Department.

What signature date should we enter if we don't know

when the President will be signing the form?

Use your best estimate -- if it's wrong, it's OK to cross through the printed date and write the correct date next to it.

Our school president is on travel--can we have the school's Chief Financial Officer sign?

Yes, but add a second page identifying the President and CFO and explaining the circumstances.

Do I have to complete and submit the Lobbying Form?

You need to complete and submit the Disclosure Form to Report Lobbying (Standard Form LLL) if your school received more than $100,000 to participate in the Campus-Based Programs and your school used nonfederal funds to pay a non-institutional employee for lobbying activities.


You can call 1-877-801-7168 for assistance in filling out the form. Because of unusually heavy call volumes during the FISAP filing period, please try to keep your queries brief. Please have your school's OPEID or serial number (printed on the copy of your FISAP from last year) ready when you call--we'll need to look up your school's information.

Last Modified: 09/29/2002