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Summary: Edit 330 and COD Edit 025 and the working of Edit 025 on the Web

Publication Date: September 5, 2002

Author: General Manager: FSA School Channel

Summary: Edit 330 and COD Edit 025 and the working of Edit 025 on the Web

Posted on 09-05-2002

TO: All Destination Points
SUMMARY: Edit 330 and COD Edit 025 and the working of Edit 025 on the Web

Following up on an inquiry from SFATech, we have determined schools may have erroneously received Pell origination edit 330 instead of the correct edit 338. COD was mistakenly returning edit 330 ("Duplicate SAR ID may be shared by two students for Award Year 2002 or beyond") when it should have been returning edit 338 (COD Edit Code 025) "Duplicate Match on CPS for Award Year 2003 and beyond."

Edit code 330 will not be in use for the 2002-2003 processing year. If you have received edit 330 for any record in the 2002-03 year, please resolve the edit using the instructions for edit 338 (COD edit 025).

Edit 338 (COD edit 025) occurs when two students have the same student identifier (Pell - Current SSN, Date of Birth, and First two characters of the Last Name, DL - Current SSN and Date of Birth) and CPS transaction number reported by a school, but different SAR IDs on the CPS Abbreviated Applicant File. These records are rejected by COD.

Records that have been returned with an edit 025 (338 for Pell Phase-In participants) can be worked on the COD website at (a username and password are required. Please contact COD customer service for more information on obtaining a username and password).

In order to resolve an edit 025/338:

1. Click on the Batch Screen option
2. Search the batch and filter by the SSN of the rejected student record
3. Click on the reject
4. Click View Record
5. Click the orange Duplicate CPS Mismatch box. This will bring up a page that will display the transactions that have the match in CPS.
6. Review the transactions and choose the correct one.
7. This will bring you back to the previous screen, and a Batch ID will appear. Please record the number for your records. Validate that the rest
of the data is correct for the student. Click Submit (please see note below). Clicking submit will create that origination record for that student in COD.
8. You can then search for the student on the COD system to verify the changes have been made and the record is accepted.

NOTE: Please note that schools will NOT receive an acknowledgement for this update. Please ensure that creating an update without importing an acknowledgement will not cause reconciliation issues with your software/system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the COD School Relations Center: Telephone 1-800-4PGRANT (800-474-7268) or

Last Modified: 09/04/2002