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Summary: Upcoming SAIG System Changes

Publication Date: August 2002

Author: CPS | Central Processing System

Summary: Upcoming SAIG System Changes

Posted On August 16, 2002

TO: All Destination Points

FROM: CPS/WAN Technical Support

RE: Upcoming SAIG System Changes

This memo is to inform you of SAIG system enhancements that will be going into affect on Sunday, August 18, 2002.

System Changes:

  • The TDCommunityManager (TDCM), formerly known as OnLine SecureManager or OSM, will be updated. This is the Web interface you can use to check on data you have sent and received via the SAIG, located at We have added two additional search options, "Show received" and "Show sent". These convenient drop-down selections will save you keystrokes when narrowing your search on data sent or received. The updates go into affect on Sunday, August 18, during the weekly backup and maintenance time of 3:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. You will automatically see the changes the next time you access the Web site after the update.
  • SAIG will begin enforcing archival purging, the same policy enforced on the former Title IV WAN system, during the backup and maintenance window on August 18. Data you have received that has been in your mailbox archive longer than 180 days will be deleted (purged). Any data in your mailbox that has not been received within 180 days will also be deleted.

Documentation Updates:

  • Updates to the EDconnect 5.X Error Code List, the EDconnect Installation Guide, the TDCommunityManager Guide, and the Host Communication Guide for Mainframe/Midrange Users will be available this Friday, August 16, 2002, at The "What's New" link will take you to a list of the items that have been updated. These updates will include any tips and helpful hints discovered by customer service and by our end-users.

If you have questions, please CPS/WAN Technical Support at (800) 330-5947, or via email at There is no charge for technical assistance from CPS/WAN Technical Support.