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Summary: Unprocessed Deobligations

Publication Date: May 22, 2002

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: Unprocessed Deobligations

Posted on May 22, 2002

To: All Institutions Participating in the Pell Grant Program

From: Pell Grant Processing

Re: Unprocessed Deobligations

Within the next few weeks, the Department is going to send a letter to all Financial Aid Administrators and Business Officers who have Unprocessed Deobligations in their Pell Grant and Campus Based Accounts in the Grant and Administrative Payment System (GAPS) for award years 1997-98 through 2000-01.

While you will not be getting a notice for the 2001-02 award year, please stay reconciled as much as possible with the records in the Business Office. The Department will mail you warning notices for 2001-02 after the end of the award year in September when you should have completed your final year-end reconciliation.

Unprocessed Deobligations are generally created when you submit decreases to your program involving student disbursement records and the decrease exceeds the cash that has been sent to you by GAPS. Your school needs to take action to resolve the Unprocessed Deobligation so that your account in the Pell system and/or the Campus Based system are reconciled with the amount in GAPS. (You can see the transaction through your view-only access to the GAPS Website. If you do not currently have this access, please call the GAPS Hotline at 1-888-336-8930.)

You should take one of the following actions as appropriate:

1. Submit disbursement records that cover the amount of the Unprocessed Deobligation, or

2. Request your Business Office to refund the amount of the Unprocessed Deobligation. (If your Business Office has made the refund but posted it to the wrong account, they need to perform a drawdown adjustment in GAPS.)

If the Unprocessed Deobligation does not get resolved, the Department may take more punitive action such as placing a stop pay on your account. If you have any questions Unprocessed Deobligations in Pell Grants, please call the Pell Grant Hotline at 800-474-7268. For Campus-based programs, please call 877-801-7168.

Thank you for your continued support of Federal Student Aid.

Last Modified: 05/21/2002