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Summary: Samples of PIN Letters

Publication Date: February 4, 2002

Author: General Manager: SFA Student Channel

Summary: Samples of PIN Letters

Posted on February 4, 2002

TO: Financial Aid Community
FROM: Director, Application Processing
Student Channel, Student Financial Assistance
SUBJECT: Samples of PIN Letters

Members of the financial aid community have asked that we provide copies of the three sample PIN letters that may be sent to students depending on how the PIN was requested. All three letters are identical, except for the text at the top of each, which describes how the PIN was requested.

To see the various PIN letters, choose one of the following links:

Link 1: .

Link 2: .

Link 3: .

If you have any questions about these letters, please contact the CPS/TIVWAN customer service at (800) 330-5947 between 7 am- 7 pm CT Monday through Friday or post a question to the SFATech listserve. Go to for instructions on how to enroll and submit a question.


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