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Spread the word about FAFSA on the Web

Publication Date: December 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA Student Channel

Spread the word about FAFSA on the Web

Posted on December 31, 2001

November 2001

Dear Partner:

I am writing to ask you to spread the word about FAFSA on the Web – it’s a fast, free, secure, and easy way for students to apply for financial aid. The enclosed promotional materials will help you to encourage your students to use the Internet when filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

What Are the Advantages of Using FAFSA on the Web to Apply for Financial Aid?

™s Fast à Students will get their application results 7 to 14 days faster than if they mail a paper FAFSA.
™s Secure à When FAFSA information is transmitted over the Internet, it is completely secure. The same technology that protects credit card transactions over the Internet is used to make sure that your students™ data remains confidential. In fact, sending an application over the Internet is as safe as mailing a paper form.
    s Easy Ã
FAFSA on the Web is easy to navigate and offers extensive online help. Applicants who have questions while filling out their FAFSA can click on aœChat link to get online assistance from a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative. In addition, application entries are edited thoroughly, reducing the number of errors made by students and their families when completing the online FAFSA.

Whats Enclosed?

We have sent you the following materials to help you promote FAFSA on the Web to financial aid applicants and their families:

Brochure: Distribute the enclosed brochure, which describes the benefits of FAFSA on the Web, to your students and their families.
Poster: Display the enclosed poster where students will see it.

œHow ToFlyer:

Create a link from your Web site to FAFSA on the Web by following the simple instructions on this flyer.
Tips for Using
FAFSA on theWeb:
Adhere the “Tips for Using FAFSA on the Web on or near the computers where students will enter their financial aid application information. The card provides helpful tips for using FAFSA on the Web and addresses some frequently asked questions.
Post-it Notes
Use the post-it notes and the bookmark as a reminder to yourself and your colleagues to promote FAFSA on the Web whenever possible. Distribute bookmarks to your students to encourage them to use FAFSA on the Web.

Can I Order Additional Quantities of the Materials?

Yes, additional copies of the brochure, poster, bookmarks, and Tips for Using FAFSA on the Web can be ordered by calling our toll free number at 1-(877)-433-7827.

You are free to copy and distribute any of the materials we have provided. The materials are not copyright protected.

How Can Students and Parents Apply for Education PINs

Students and parents can use their PINs to sign their FAFSA on the Web applications electronically.

Signing electronically saves time and eliminates the need to print, sign, and mail in a signature page to complete the application process. If you™re counseling students or parents who do not already have a PIN, please encourage them to apply for one by going to our Web site at

I am excited about FAFSA on the Web and think you will be too. Thank you for helping us to encourage students to use this convenient and easy way to apply for financial aid.


Jennifer Douglas

General Manager

Students Channel

Student Financial Assistance

U.S. Department of Education

Letter 1 “ PS/HS/TR/SA