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(General) SFA to the Internet Status Update #13

Publication Date: October 3, 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: SFA to the Internet Status Update #13

Posted on October 3, 2001

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: CPS/WAN Technical Support
RE: SFA to the Internet Status Update #13
DATE: October 3, 2001

SFA is pleased to share the 13th communication on SFA to the Internet

SFA to the Internet migration news: We are in the second week of Early
Adopter migration. Migration was opened up to the rest of the Title IV WAN
user community on Friday, September 28. By September 30th, 598 destination
points had migrated to the Student Aid Internet Gateway!

We have received many favorable comments from the Early Adopters including:
* It is working without any problems. I have received my production
ISIRs for the past two days and it takes a few seconds, instead of several
minutes using the modem. EDExpress is importing the file without any
* The communications were very helpful in answering questions and
keeping people up to date on everything.
* I sent my first batch this morning. All seems to be going well - I
love it because it is FAST!

The following issues are addressed in this communication:
* Notice for users installing EDconnect 5.0.0 on a new PC regarding
Remote Access Service (RAS) and DUN
* Caution regarding transmission header and trailer records for users
who create their data files on a mainframe but transmit them via EDconnect
* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Notice for users installing EDconnect 5.0.0 on a new PC regarding Remote
Access Service (RAS) and DUN:
EDconnect 5.0.0 requires dialup Networking and RAS (Remote Access Service)
be installed on the user's system even when a direct connection to the
Internet is being utilized. Since Versions 3.0.1 through 4.1.0 of EDconnect
also required these products, this will not be an issue for the majority of
users. This requirement is on the list of items to be considered for the
next release of EDconnect (expected mid-2002).

CAUTION to users who create their data files on a mainframe or using
third-party software but transmit the data using EDconnect:
SecurePortal will reject files that contain multiple transmission headers
and trailers. A few users who create their data files on their mainframe but
transmit them using EDconnect have run into this issue after migration.
Multiple headers and trailers occur when a user's mainframe job creates the
file (including headers and trailers) and then EDconnect adds a second set
prior to transmitting. The Enterprise mailboxing system ignores the second
set of headers and trailers, but SecurePortal will not. The solution to
this situation is to remove the creation of the headers and trailers from
the mainframe process.

FAQ: I changed my password in the OnLine SecureManager (OSM) and now I get
"Failed transmission" when I try to transmit using EDconnect. How do I fix

ANSWER - When you changed your password in the OSM, either your password did
not contain the required seven or eight characters or you did not save the
password update. You can call CPS/WAN Technical Support (1-800-330-5947) to
have your password reset, or you can update your password again in the OSM
and in EDconnect. Passwords must be seven or eight characters in length,
contain only alpha/numeric characters, and begin with an alpha character.

To update your password using the OSM:

1. Log into the OSM.
2. Click on the Participants tab.
3. Click on the name of your school on the left side of the screen. The
right side of the screen will populate with the setup information for your
4. Type your new password into the "Password" field. The password must
contain seven or eight valid characters.
5. Type your new password again into the "Verify" field.
6. Click Save.
7. Log into EDconnect.
8. Open the Security View.
9. Right-click on the Security Group for which you are changing the
10. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.
11. Click the Network tab.
12. Type the password you entered in the OSM in the "New" field.
13. Type the password again in the "Verify" field.
14. Select the Local Only option.
15. Click OK.

Once you have updated your password in EDconnect, you will be ready to send
and receive data.

How do I find out more about this project?
We will send SFA to the Internet communications weekly during the migration
process. Each communication will be titled "SFA to the Internet Status
Update". If you miss any of the updates, all information can be found at We encourage you to
bookmark this location.

You can also access this Web site from the School Portal
(, SFATECH, or IFAP Web sites.

How will I be supported throughout the migration process?
CPS/WAN Technical Support will be available to assist you during your
migration process. If you have questions, please contact them at (800)
330-5947, or via e-mail at There is no charge for this

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