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FISAP on the Webs Self-Service and Help features

Publication Date: August 29. 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: FISAP on the Web's Self-Service and Help features

Posted on August 29, 2001

Publication Date: August 29, 2001
Author: Campus-Based Operations
Summary: FISAP on the Web's Self-Service and Help features
Posted on August 29, 2001
To: All Destination Points
From: U.S. Department of Education
RE: FISAP on the Web's Self-Service and Help features

Learn about FISAP on the Web's Self-Service and Help Features

What is the FISAP on the Web's Self-Service Feature?

The Self-Service Feature is designed to provide you easy and immediate access to your school's Campus-Based Information via a secure Internet connection.

What type of information can be found in the Self-Service Feature?

You can access and print your school's Campus-Based Programs' information including:

  • The 2002-2003 FISAP form
      o Submitted Version
      o Current Working Version
      o Debarment Form & Signature Page
      o Lobbying Form
  • Statement of Account for the following years:
      o 2001-2002 Award Year
      o 2000-2001 Award Year
      o 1999-2000 Award Year
      o 1998-1999 Award Year
      o 1997-1998 Award Year
  • Acknowledgements
      o Submission Log -- Tracking information for FISAP web submissions
      o Batch Submittal Log - Tracking information for FISAP PC files uploaded via the web
  • Help Desk- Email addresses and phone numbers for Campus-Based Staff

To make the site accessible to all users some forms and reports are viewable via Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Adobe Reader 5.0 now at or a link will be provided on the FISAP on the Web in early September.

What Help Features are available in the FISAP on the Web?

The FISAP on the Web contains three help Features: Section Help, Page Help and General Help.

  • Section Help is represented by a question mark located to the right of the more complex fields on the FISAP. This button gives information specific to that section.
  • Page Help is located on the bottom left side of almost all pages of the website. It contains information specific to the current page.
  • General Help is located on the top navigation bar of each screen. It contains information about the Campus-Based Programs including FISAP Basics, Frequently Asked Questions, Getting Started with FISAP, a search feature, and more!

What do I do next?

Check IFAP each Wednesday for our FISAP on the Web electronic announcements. Each weekly letter will give more information on the FISAP on the Web. Upcoming and previously released topics include:

  • 8/07/01- FISAP coming to the Web in September
  • 8/15/01- Learn how to transition to the web
  • 8/22/01- Learn how to access FISAP on the Web
  • 9/05/01- Validation

What if I still have questions about the process?

If you have questions, please email Heather Towhidian at


Lois M. Moore
Acting Director
Campus-Based Operations

Community Corner

Questions from the Campus-Based Programs Community

I have a PIN number, but it seems like a PIN for a student to access their FAFSA records. Is this the PIN I will need to get into FISAP on the web?

Yes, it is the same PIN. The PIN will be used to validate your identity. After your identity is confirmed the site will use your Campus-Based TG# profile to determine your access rights to the website.

I went to the site to obtain a PIN and it requests my personal address. Is it correct for Financial Aid Administrator's to use their personal address?

Yes! To maintain the integrity of your PIN it may be safer to have your PIN sent to your home address

If I already have a PIN, do I need to get another one for this use?

No! If you already have a PIN and have access rights on a Campus-Based TG# you will be ready to log on in early September.

Last Modified: 08/28/2001