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Accessing the FISAP on the Web

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Questions from the Campus-Based Programs Community

How can I submit my reallocation form by the Aug. 24th deadline without loading the software?

Since the FISAP on the Web will not be available until early September, this year (and this year only), you will have to load the PC software to submit the Reallocation Form. We hope this does not discourage you from using the web for your FISAP submission. For more information on transitioning, please refer to the 8/15 electronic announcement. Using the web will give you the advantage of real time data validation (no more waiting 5 days for edits), access to your Campus-Based Programs statement of account, tracking information, the ability to view your submitted Reallocation Form online and more!

I like to file my FISAP before the end of August. The file is now ready to go, but I don't know whether to send it off via ED Connect or wait for the WEB. What do you advise?

Since you are ready to submit now, it is probably most convenient for you to transmit the file now via the PC product and submit your Signature pages. When FISAP on the Web is available in early September, you may log on to print, edit, and view your submitted data as well as enjoy all the other features of the web!

Publication Date: August 22, 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: Accessing the FISAP on the Web

Publication Date: August 22, 2001
Author: Campus-Based Operations
Summary: Accessing the FISAP on the Web

Posted on August 22, 2001

To: All Destination Points
From: U.S. Department of Education
RE: Accessing the FISAP on the Web

What you need to know to access the FISAP on the Web

I am ready to use the FISAP on the Web, what is the URL?

Starting in early September you can access the FISAP on the Web at This site will allow you to complete and submit your FISAP online, receive real-time validation edits, access your statement of account, view your funding levels and more!

What do I need to access the site?

To access FISAP on the Web, you will need a PIN and a TG # from the Department of Education. The FISAP site will use these to validate each user's identity and their access rights. Many schools who already participate in Title IV Programs have a Department of Education TG #. Check with your Destination Point Administrator (DPA) if you are unsure.

What if I do not have a pin?

You can register for a PIN at The PIN serves as your identifier for accessing various Department of Education web sites. Once you submit an application online, a PIN will be mailed to you via US Mail 7-10 days later. You will want to complete this step at least a week before you wish to begin the FISAP cycle on the Web.

What if I do not have a TG #?

If your institution is new to Campus-Based Programs, log onto to enroll in the Student Aid Internet Gateway. Once enrolled, you will receive a TG #. If your institution already participates in Campus-Based Programs, your institution will already have a TG #. Check with your institution's Destination Point Administrator (DPA) to see if you need to be added to the existing profile.

What do I do next?

Check IFAP each Wednesday for our FISAP on the Web electronic announcements. Each weekly letter will give more information on the FISAP on the Web. Upcoming and previously released topics include:

  • 8/07/01- FISAP coming to the Web in September
  • 8/15/01- Learn how to transition to the web
  • 8/29/01- Self-Service/Help Features
  • 9/05/01- Validation
What if I still have questions about the process?

If you have questions, please email Heather Towhidian


Lois M. Moore
Acting Director- Campus-Based Operations

Last Modified: 08/21/2001