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2001-2002 EDExpress Packaging Aid Type "R" not calculating correctly

Publication Date: August 2, 2001

Author: ODAS | Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary

Summary: 2001-2002 EDExpress Packaging Aid Type "R" not calculating correctly

Posted on August 2, 2001

TO: All EDExpress Packaging Users
FROM: CPS/WAN Technical Support
RE: 2001-2002 EDExpress Packaging Aid Type "R" not Calculating Correctly
DATE: August 2, 2001

CPS/WAN Technical Support has identified an issue with the 2001-2002 EDExpress Packaging module we wish to communicate to you.

When a fund is established with an "R" Aid Type (a new feature for 2001-2002 EDExpress) and included in a Packaging Award Methodology, EDExpress should exclude the EFC value when determining the remaining need value to base the fund award upon. However, we have determined that during the Package/Repackage process, EDExpress is not excluding the EFC value from the remaining need calculation for Aid Type "R" funds as it should be. All Aid Type "R" fund award eligibility is essentially being calculated using the same logic as need-based grants (Aid Type "G").

Workaround: You can use Aid Type "N" (Non-Need Based Loan) instead of Aid Type "R" when defining non-need based grant fund profiles in Fund Maintenance setup. You can still use the actual name of the grant as the Fund Description in Fund Maintenance setup.

NOTE: Aid Type "N" will correctly award your non-need based grant using a remaining need amount that does not include the EFC. However, you should be aware that by using Aid Type "N" instead of "R", the fund will fall under the governance of the "Other Loan %" column in the Academic Year Profile instead of the "Grant %" column. This will also affect the results of the Fund Measurement Tools report in a similar way.

If you use different percentages for grant awards versus loan awards, awarded fund totals may need to be adjusted on student records packaged for non-need based grants using affected Academic Year Profiles.

If you have any questions, please contact CPS/WAN Technical Support at 800/330-5947 or via e-mail at CPSWAN@NCS.COM.

Last Modified: 08/01/2001