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Mailing to Business Officers on Balances in GAPS

Publication Date: July 31, 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: Mailing to Business Officers on Balances in GAPS

Posted on July 31, 2001

As part of the Department's initiative to improve accountability for federal funds, business officers at approximately 2600 schools will receive letters this week from ED's Deputy Chief Financial Officer Mark Carney. The letters concern negative balances in one or more Pell Grant and/or Campus Based program accounts for one or more award years. These negative balances, which can be viewed in GAPS, are according to ED's latest fiscal records. A sample letter is provided here.

The actual letter, which will be sent only to schools that have a negative balance in GAPS at this time, contains the amount and the award number(s) to which it is attributed. The business officer is asked to

1. return funds within 45 days, or
2. make a drawdown adjustment through GAPS, or
3. notify ED via a special e-mail address, if the school is unable to verify the award balance which is currently showing in GAPS.

If you have questions concerning this mailing, please call one of the numbers listed on the contact list, call the GAPS hotline at 1-888-336-8930 or SFA's Customer Service Call Center at 1-800 433-7327.


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