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RFMS Processing of 2001-2002 Disbursement Records

Publication Date: Posted on June 26, 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Summary: RFMS Processing of 2001-2002 Disbursement Records

Posted on June 26, 2001

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: Pell Grant Processing
RE: RFMS Processing of 2001-2002 Disbursement Records

THIS MESSAGE: Will update you on the implementation of processing Pell Grant 2001-2002 Disbursement Records

The RFMS system is not ready to process 2001-2002 disbursements due to a software problem discovered in final acceptance testing. We have isolated the cause of the problem and expect to have it corrected and begin processing 2001-2002 disbursements no later than June 29. Disbursements for other award years are not impacted by the 2001-2002 software problem, and RFMS continues to process these disbursements.

Until the software problem is fixed, RFMS cannot acknowledge 2001-2002 disbursements or process the disbursements. Please do not re-send your disbursement transactions.

The delay in processing disbursements does not impact 2001-2002 origination records. RFMS continues to process 2001-2002 origination records. The delay does not effect your ability to draw Pell Grant funds in GAPS if you are an advanced funded school. Please keep in mind that funds will not be available for draw down by advance funded schools until July 1, 2001.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this delay in processing 2001-2002 disbursements causes at your institution.

If you have further questions or concerns please call the Pell Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-4PGRANT (800-474-7268) or e-mail us at

Last Modified: 06/25/2001