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Announcement of PIN Application Process

Publication Date: April 18, 2001

Author: PSS | Program Systems Service

Summary: Announcement of PIN Application Process

Posted on April 18, 2001

To: All Destination Points

From: CPS Customer Service

Date: April 18, 2001

RE: Announcement of PIN Application Process

We are pleased to announce the availability of the PIN Application process through web site.

What does this mean?

Anybody for whom a PIN number has not already been generated can now have one created by supplying basic identifying information. Once created, the PIN, when used by along with the applicant's identifying data, allows access to that applicant's data in several SFA systems, as identified below, and may also serve as that person’s signature. The most notable application of this new process is to allow parents to receive a PIN and use it to electronically sign their student’s FAFSA/Renewal/Correction on the Web forms electronically.

How do you apply for a PIN?

Anyone interested in obtaining a PIN need only go to and choose Apply for a PIN. From there they will need to supply their name, social security number, date of birth, and mailing address, and submit the request. When the submission has been completed a confirmation number will appear on the screen letting them know that their information was successfully transmitted.

How do you receive the PIN?

Once the data has been successfully submitted, the Central Processing System will confirm the identifying information with the Social Security Administration database. After a successful match a PIN will be generated and a PIN mailer will be sent.

Where can a PIN be used?

A PIN can be used to access the following web sites -

-FAFSA Application, Renewal and Corrections on the Web (

-National Student Loan Database System (

-Direct Loan Servicing (

-Direct Loan Consolidation (

-Direct Loan Origination (

If you have any questions about this new option, please contact FAFSA on the Web Customer Service group at 800-801-0576.