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Updated Draft RFMS 2001-2002 Record Layouts

Publication Date: March 8, 2001

Author: CPS | Central Processing System

Summary: Updated Draft RFMS 2001-2002 Record Layouts

Posted on March 8, 2001

TO: All Destination Points

FROM: Pell Grant Processing

RE: Updated Draft RFMS 2001-2002 Record Layouts

This message announces the posting of the third update to the Draft RFMS 2001-2002 Record Layouts, dated January 11, 2001.

We are pleased to announce the third posting of Draft RFMS 2001-2002 Record Layouts. The January update provides the valid Tuition Range values for the Low Tuition & Fees Code field (position 196) in the Origination and Origination Acknowledgment Records. These values match the dollar ranges included in the 2001-2002 Low Tuition & Fees Pell Payment Schedules.

All changes that we have made to the 2001-2002 record layouts since we first posted them in August 2000 are highlighted in this third posting. In late December 2000, we posted the updates made to these record layouts as of the end of November. Although we do not anticipate any further updates to the 2001-2002 record layouts, we are retaining the draft status in case additional updates are necessary.

This update to the 2001-2002 record layouts supercedes the record layouts included in the Pell Technical Reference posted to IFAP and the SFA Download website in February 2001. Those record layouts will be replaced with the January 11 update as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Pell Grant Customer Service at 800-4PGRANT (1-800-474-7268) or by e-mail at

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