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Publication Date: February 6, 2001

Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel


Electronic Loan Record Detail Reports (eLRDR) for the Fiscal Year 1999 FFEL/DL draft cohort default rates are now available to schools. The Department will mail FY 1999 draft cohort default rates to all Title IV eligible schools on February 9, 2001, including a hard copy Loan Record Detail Report. The FY 1999 Draft eLRDR is an electronic version of this hard copy report. The electronic report provides schools with a more efficient way to review, sort, and analyze cohort default rate data.

A school may request a FY 1999 draft eLRDR through the Department's NSLDS website at Once a request has been made, the report is delivered to the Title IV WAN (TIVWAN) mailbox associated with the NSLDS user ID that was used to make the request. EDconn32 software is used to download the report from the user's TIVWAN mailbox. Therefore, in order to request an electronic loan record detail report, the requestor must have a NSLDS user-ID, a TIVWAN account, and EDconn32 software.

The electronic loan record detail report is available as a pre-formatted report (Report) or as a data file extract (Extract). The Report is a representative of the hardcopy loan record detail report and can be accessed using standard word processing software. The Extract allows a school to query the cohort default rate data based on the school's needs. Please refer to the "Loan Record Detail Report" section of the FY 1999 Draft Cohort Default Rate Guide at for details, including the layout specification for the Extract version of the file.

If you have questions about your school's FY 1999 draft eLRDR, please contact Default Management at or via phone at (202) 708-9396.

Last Modified: 02/05/2001