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Cohort Default Rate Website

PublicationDate: 10/2/2000
Summary: Cohort Default Rate Website
Author: COO - Chief Operating Officer of the Office of Student Financial Assistance

1998defaultletter.pdf PDF
To: Financial Aid Administrators

From: Greg Woods
Chief Operating Officer

RE: Release of Cohort Default Rates

Date: October 2, 2000

Late last week we sent a letter to college presidents, and a copy to financial aid officers, telling them that Secretary Riley will hold a press conference at 11:00 am (EDT) on October 2, 2000 at which time he will announce the national FY 1998 Official Cohort Default Rate. The letter (copy attached) also announced that, beginning on September 30, 2000, schools may preview their FY 98 Official Cohort Default Rate information through the Internet at our Default Management website. The website address (URL) was included in the letter.

In the event you have not seen the letter yet, the website address (URL) for you to preview your FY 1998 Official Cohort Default Rate is:

I want to thank you for your cooperation in this effort to efficiently communicate the FY 1998 official cohort default rates electronically.

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