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Rejected Disbursement Records Due To Delayed Processing Of Some Origination Batches

PublicationDate: 8/28/2000
Summary: Rejected Disbursement Records Due To Delayed Processing Of Some Origination Batches
Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: Pell Grant Processing
RE: Rejected Disbursement Records Due To Delayed Processing Of Some Origination Batches

On August 21, 2000 we discovered that some origination batches that schools submitted from August 16 through August 21 had not been processed. Most of the unprocessed batches were submitted between 11:45 AM ET and 4:00 PM ET on August 16, August 18 and August 21. Some were 1999-2000 batches and some were 2000-2001 batches. RFMS processed all these batches and returned the batch acknowledgments to schools on August 22.

There was no corresponding delay in disbursement batch processing. As a result RFMS rejected some disbursement records because there was no matching accepted origination record on file for the students involved. In addition, RFMS edits may have reduced some disbursement amounts if schools had submitted the unprocessed origination records to change a 'W' verification code to an another valid value or to increase the award amount to allow RFMS to accept additional disbursements for students.

Schools that received disbursement acknowledgments before they received corresponding origination acknowledgments for the batches they submitted during the August 16 through August 22 time period should check the processed results closely.

- Disbursement records rejected with edit/comment code 402 or 502 "Origination ID does not match in RFMS" were rejected because the disbursement record was processed before RFMS accepted a corresponding origination record for the student.These disbursement records should be resubmitted

- Disbursement records accepted with a "C" action code with warning edit codes 418/419/420 or 532/533/534, and a changed disbursement amount indicate that the disbursement record was processed before RFMS processed the origination update record.

- Schools should batch these rejected and/or accepted with correction records in a new batch and submit it to RFMS. It is not necessary to change the disbursement reference number on the rejected records. A new disbursement reference number is required for resubmission of the records accepted with correction.

- Schools may resubmit their disbursement batches with a new batch number if the batches contain only rejected records.

Also and as a reminder, the end of the award year is fast approaching. Because the last day of the award year falls on a Saturday, you have through Monday, October 2 to submit batches for the 1999-2200 Award Year that contain increases.

We sincerely regret this inconvenience to you and are taking action to assure this particular problem does not recur. We apologize for this late notice. If you have any questions, please call the Pell Grant Hotline at 1-800 4PGRANT (1-800-474-7268) or e-mail at

Last Modified: 08/28/2000