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Problems Accessing Teacher Cancellation Low-Income (TCLI) Directory (1999-2000)

PublicationDate: 8/29/2000
Summary: Problems Accessing Teacher Cancellation Low-Income (TCLI) Directory (1999-2000)
Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Posted on August 29, 2000

Last week, several institutions were having problems with the search function when accessing the Teacher Cancellation Low Income (TCLI) Directory for 1999-2000. When a search was attempted, the following error message appeared: "A connection with the server could not be established". This problem has been resolved. Institutions can continue to access the Directory on the WEB at Click on "Additional SFA related sites", then scroll down to "Federal Perkins Loan Cancellations for Teachers".

If you have further questions or problems accessing the TCLI Directory site, you may call Harrison Bannister at 202/708-5776 or email him at

Harrison Bannister
Portals Bldg.
Suite 600D

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