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Correction to Dear Partner Letter (GEN-00-12)

PublicationDate: 8/28/2000
Summary: Correction to Dear Partner Letter (GEN-00-12)
Author: PDD - Policy Development Division/SAIS

To: SFA Customers and Partners
From: Jeff Baker
Subject: Correction to Dear Partner Letter (GEN-00-12)
Date: August 28, 2000

We have discovered an error in Question & Answer (Q&A) # 3 that was included in the recently published Dear Partner Letter (GEN-00-12) that was primarily about the elimination of the paper FAT. All of the Q&As in GEN-00-12 were about the applicability of capitalized interest when determining aggregate loan limits in the Direct Loan and FFEL programs. We have corrected the letter and re-posted it to IFAP with the correction to Q&A # 3 shown in

We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

Last Modified: 08/27/2000