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1999-2000 CPS Correction Submission Deadline

PublicationDate: 8/21/2000
Summary: 1999-2000 CPS Correction Submission Deadline
Author: General Manager: SFA Student Channel

Posted on August 21, 2000

TO: All EDE Destination Points
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: 1999-2000 CPS Correction Submission Deadline

The Department wishes to remind all schools the deadline for submitting
1999-2000 electronic ISIR corrections and duplicate requests is 7 P.M. CT on
August 25, 2000. This deadline was originally announced in the
July 30, 1999
Federal Register.

Your final 1999-2000 ISIR correction and duplicate request transmissions
must be "completed" and "accepted" by 7 P.M. CT to meet the deadline. If
your transmission is started before 7 P.M. on August 25 but is not completed
until after 7 P.M., you will miss the deadline.

As an advance reminder, all requests for 1999-2000 ISIR Year-to-Date files
must be received by September 29, 2000.

Electronic data that is submitted after the deadline will not be processed.
The Department will not make any exceptions to these deadlines.

Last Modified: 08/20/2000