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Availability of 2000-2001 EDExpress Version 6.3

PublicationDate: 8/18/2000
Summary: Availability of 2000-2001 EDExpress Version 6.3
Author: General Manager: SFA Student Channel

TO: All EDExpress Users
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: Availability of 2000-2001 EDExpress Version 6.3

The Department wishes to alert all 2000-2001 EDExpress users to the availability of Version 6.3. This is an upgrade to Version 6.2 and will resolve several software issues.

Version 6.3 is available on the Department’s SFAdownload Web site, located at The 2000-2001 EDExpress Installation Guide and the Version 6.3 Cover Letter, which contain important information you should review as a software user, must also be downloaded from the SFAdownload Web site.

Version 6.3 is available on the SFAdownload Web site in two formats. You can download the entire software in one file, called EDExpress63.exe, or you can download the software in nine separate installments, which can then be copied to a network drive or diskettes. Please review the download and installation instructions contained in the Cover Letter for more detail.

Version 6.3 is an upgrade to Version 6.2. Version 6.2 must be installed prior to upgrading to Version 6.3 . Version 6.2 is also available for download from the SFAdownload Web site.

If you have already upgraded to Version 6.2 but have not loaded the recent Version 6.2.1 service release, you can proceed with installing Version 6.3. Version 6.3 contains all of the software fixes included with Version 6.2.1.

Before upgrading, ensure you have a valid, reliable back-up of your current production 2000-2001 EDExpress database (Expres01.mdb). This step is extremely important! You should also run a database repair and database compact (in that order) via the Tools | Utilities menu before installing Version 6.3.

To upgrade from Version 6.2 to Version 6.3, select the Custom install option during your standalone or workstation installation, and mark the checkbox for any modules you use (so module fixes can be installed). Do NOT mark the “Database” checkbox unless you are performing a first-time installation or want to overwrite your Version 6.2 database. Remember, if you choose to overwrite your database, all data previously entered is lost.

If you receive any prompts during the installation indicating an existing file was found and asking if you want to overwrite, click “Yes.”

After you upgrade from Version 6.2 to 6.3, reboot your PC, then log on to EDExpress to allow the software to perform a one-time only database update. The database update will load the ISIR comment code changes included in the CM (configuration management) issue #2658, which is explained in more detail below. This type of change cannot be made during the normal installation process as it requires a direct update to your EDExpress database.

If you are running EDExpress in a network environment, you should first complete ALL of your workstation installations on all relevant production PCs, rebooting each PC as you finish the install, then access the software from ONE designated workstation to allow the database update to perform successfully.

The CM issues resolved by Version 6.3 are explained below, by module:

Application Processing

1) CM #2658: Two Assumption Edits were added to ENAS calculations to ensure parents are not counted in the Parents’ Number in College field for dependent students. NOTE: ISIR comment code text has also been updated to reflect these changes, which necessitates the database update procedure included in this release.

2) CM #2892: The software will always use the most current NSLDS data when printing ISIR records, regardless of the transaction selected.

3) CM #2900: All FAA Comments will print when the “Print FAA Comments?” option is marked on the print dialog screen for single/multiple ISIR and List-Processed ISIRs reports.

Direct Loan

1) CM #2728: The Net Adjustment amount will be calculated correctly when three or more Net Adjustments (Action Type “J”) are added to the same disbursement record via manual entry or import of an External Change or Promissory Note Acknowledgment file.

2) CM #2758: Direct Loan External Export will not generate a “no records selected” error message when attempting to export loan records with no actual disbursement information saved using a file format code with all Direct Loan fields selected.

3) CM #2863: Import External Change will correctly update the Field Transmit numbers for the fields First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, License State and License Number. This will then ensure modifications to these fields are picked up during the LOC Change Export process.

4) CM #2905: Schools will not receive a “Reserve 1601” error message when performing an LOC Change Export. Resolving this issue will also ensure data flags (such as Inactive Flag, Additional Unsub?, and Interview Completed) are not improperly or randomly set to incorrect values on the loan record.


1) CM #2858: The software will no longer generate a Windows system error (for example, Microsoft’s Dr.Watson message) when a Pell Year-to-Date (PGYR00OP) file is received with no detail records.

2) CM #2870: The Import Edit Report for PGYR00OP files will calculate and display cents correctly.

3) CMs #2793 and #2895: Multiple Reporting Record (MRR) import files will not modify a school’s database or create transfer records. The files will generate an import edit report only.

4) CM #2916: When updating Originations records via external import and selecting “Include Records in Next Batch Submission?” on the import dialog, the updated records will now be set to a “R” (Ready to Send) status as long as all edits are met.

If you need any assistance connecting to the SFAdownload site or downloading Version 6.3, please contact Title IV WAN Customer Service at 800/615-1189, or via email at

If you need assistance with the installation or use of Version 6.3 once downloaded from the SFAdownload Web site, please contact CPS Customer Service at 800/330-5947, or via email at

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