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Pell/RFMS Web Accounting Balances Page

PublicationDate: 8/16/2000
Summary: Pell/RFMS Web Accounting Balances Page
Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Posted on August 16, 2000

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: Pell Grant Processing
RE: Pell/RFMS Web Accounting Balances Page

Starting August 16, 2000 RFMS will disable the Accounting Balances page on the RFMS web site
( This temporary action is being taken because incorrect data is being populated for some schools. We are researching the problem. The page will remain disabled until we resolve the problem and can ensure that you are receiving correct data. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

If you have any questions about your accounting balances while this page is disabled, please contact Pell Grant Customer Service at 1-800 4PGRANT (800-474-7268) or send e-mail to

Last Modified: 08/15/2000