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Availability of FISAP Version 3.1

PublicationDate: 8/1/2000
Summary: Availability of FISAP Version 3.1
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on August 1, 2000

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: Availability of FISAP Version 3.1

The Department wishes to alert all schools to the availability of FISAP Version 3.1 on the SFAdownload Web site, located at Version 3.1 includes the Fiscal Operations Report for program participation during the award year July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2000 and the Application to Participate for the award year July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002.
As indicated in a recent network message, Version 3.1 was developed to resolve the “componentmovedata” error several schools were receiving when attempting to install Version 3.0. The Version 3.0 installation error was primarily occurring due to a software DLL file that was not marked as a “shared” file, which led to problems in copying or overwriting this file on schools’ PC systems.
Version 3.0 has been removed from the SFAdownload site. You do not need to install Version 3.0 in order to install Version 3.1.
If your school was able to successfully install Version 3.0 on your system, you do NOT need to download and install Version 3.1. Instead, you can proceed with using Version 3.0 to file your FISAP information for this year. No changes have been made to the primary software functionality between versions; the installation issue is the only fix included in Version 3.1, and the two versions are otherwise identical.
If you are encountering the “componentmovedata” error when attempting to install Version 3.0, you should delete the Version 3.0 install file (FISAP30.EXE) and download Version 3.1.
NOTE: Please also ensure you have full access rights to the PC and directory location where you are attempting to install the FISAP software to. Several schools who reported the “componentmovedata” error did not have full access rights, and this was determined to ultimately be the cause of the installation error in these instances, as opposed to the identified issue in Version 3.0.
Version 3.1 is available on the SFAdownload Web site in two formats. You can download the entire software in one file, called FISAP31.EXE, or you can download the software in six separate installments, which can then be copied to a network drive or diskettes.
New versions of the FISAP Installation Guide and a Version 3.1 Cover Letter have also been posted to SFAdownload, and should be downloaded and reviewed.
Version 3.1 is a 32-bit product. You must have Windows 95, NT, or 98 as your PC operating system to run this version. You must also be in compliance with the system requirements outlined in Action Letter #2 (October, 1997).
Please note Version 3.1 is not an upgrade to the 2000-2001 FISAP software (Version 2.0), and will not overwrite your Version 2.0 database or program files. You can perform a stand-alone installation or a network installation. If you plan to use the software in a network environment, you should perform the database server installation first, followed by network workstation installations on the PCs you will be using to access the FISAP database.
You should always reboot your PC following a stand-alone or network workstation installation.
For further information regarding the Version 3.1 installation process, please consult the Installation Guide.
If you need any assistance connecting to the SFAdownload Web site or downloading FISAP Version 3.1 in single or multiple file format, please contact Title IV WAN Customer Service at 800/615-1189, or via email at T4WAN@NCS.COM.
If you need assistance with the installation or use of FISAP Version 3.1 once downloaded from the SFAdownload Web site, please contact CPS Customer Service at 800/330-5947, option 8, or via email at CPS@NCS.COM.
If you have technical questions about our SFA systems and software, you may want to subscribe to our email list serve, SFATECH. For more information about SFATECH, including how to subscribe, look on-line at

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