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(Pell)RFMS Technical Reference

PublicationDate: 6/14/2000
Summary: (Pell)RFMS Technical Reference
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

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Posted on June 14, 2000

The RFMS Technical Reference provides programmer specifications and record layouts for schools or other organizations that need to design software systems to interface with RFMS for processing Pell data.

This document contains:

Technical information for institutions using homegrown software, software provided by a third party vendor, or a combination of EDExpress and a third party software

A list of changes in RFMS for 2000-2001 processing year

Descriptions of the business processes associated with the various records used in processing Federal Pell Grants

An Implementation Guide

Record Layouts

Print and Format Specifications

A Guide to RFMS edit and comment codes including:
- the plain English explanations of what the edit codes mean
- a plain English guide to how to fix conditions that cause the edit codes

If you need assistance with the contents or use of the RFMS Technical Reference once downloaded from IFAP, please contact the Pell Grant Customer Service Hotline at 800-4PGRANT (800/474-7268) or send an email to

Pell/RFMS Technical Reference
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