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Duplicate ACA Text Message

PublicationDate: 5/4/2000
Summary: Duplicate ACA Text Message
Author: General Manager: SFA School Channel

Posted on May 4, 2000

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: Pell Grant Processing
RE: Duplicate ACA Text Message

On May 1, 2000 RFMS sent most schools a text message through TIV WAN
(message class PGTX00OP) regarding the amount of the Administrative
Cost Allowance (ACA) that was paid into the school's bank account and
the number of unduplicated recipients. Some schools had problems with
importing the file and RFMS is sending the file in a slightly
different format. If you have already imported the file and had no
difficulties, it is not necessary to import the second duplicate file.
If you did encounter difficulties, please import the second file
and try to open it. If you use EDExpress for Windows, follow the
instructions below to open it.

How to import the ED Comments - RFMS Text Message into the EDExpress for Windows v5.4.2:

- In EDExpress for Windows v5.4.2
- From the main menu option, select "File/Import",
- Click on the "Pell" tab,
- In the "Import Type" box, select "ED Comments - RFMS" option
- Ensure that the appropriate file is selected in the "Import From" box
- Choose the "Report To" option
- Click on OK
- After the importing process is completed, the ED Comments Text Message

This text file can also be opened in Wordpad, WORD or Word Perfect.

If you have any questions you may contact the Pell Grant Hotline. The
e-mail address is and the telephone number is

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