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Special Session at WASFAA

PublicationDate: 4/14/2000
Summary: Special Session at WASFAA
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on April 14, 2000

ED wants to hear from you!
Special Session at WASFAA

The Department of Education invites you to a "Listening Session" on the
Recipient and Financial Management System. We are interested in learning
about how RFMS is working at your institutions; is it hindering or helping you
deliver Pell grants to your students. We want to hear from you what is working,
what is not working, and your ideas for improvements. We want to understand
how your systems, FAA, business offices and other institution services have been
affected by RFMS, and how software vendors including EDExpress, are supporting
processes at your institutions. This will be a facilitated session with ED listening and
recording the institution feedback. Please come and bring us your valuable feedback.
We want to hear from you.

Please join us!
Sunday, April 16
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Dillingham Room at the Hilton Hotel

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