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2000-2001 Reprocessing for Non-Applied Web Signatures

PublicationDate: 3/31/2000
Summary: 2000-2001 Reprocessing for Non-Applied Web Signatures
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted on March 31, 2000

To: Financial Aid Administrators
From: Central Processing System
Re: 2000-2001 Reprocessing for Non-Applied Web Signatures

The message below was inadvertently not posted for your information and use on March 20 as we intended. We apologize for this oversight and have established procedures to ensure it does not happen again.

To: All Destination Points
From: Central Processing System
Re: 2000-2001 Reprocessing for Non-Applied Web Signatures

Between January 18 and February 8, 2000, the Central Processing System ran two production jobs out of sequence. This affected students who submitted an original FAFSA on the Web application and a web electronic signature on the same day. Because we ran the jobs out of sequence, the signature records did not find the student's FAFSA record. CPS corrected the order of the job sequence on February 8 so records processed after that time were processed properly. FAFSA Express and Renewal Application filers were not affected.

Unfortunately, CPS did not fully realize the impact on students until March 8, 2000 when an SFATECH message from a school highlighted the problem. It then became clear that although the transactions of the affected students would have the correct receipt dates, those transactions, lacking a signature flag which should have been set by the system, were not valid and would not have the correct processed date (corresponding to the date that the students had signed the transactions electronically).

To remedy the situation, CPS reprocessed all web signature records received between January 18 and February 8, 2000, and gave the student a PROCESSED DATE of January 18, 2000. We believe using this date will allow the impacted students to meet school and state agency deadlines that use processed date. Of the 15,875 web signatures submitted during this period, 1,509 students were reprocessed.

The reprocessing was done on March 16, 2000, and ISIRs were generated and placed on the Title IV WAN the evening of March 17, 2000. Reprocessed ISIRs can be identified by the following information:

* Reprocessed Reason Code (ISIR field #262, positions 1490-1491) is 02
* System Generated Indicator (ISIR field #135, positions 554) is "Z"
* System Generated message class: SYSG01OP
* Batch number: #Y100000020000315000002

Students will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) with comment 172 set that says: "This Student Aid Report (SAR) was produced because of a processing change, and updates your previous SAR." The change to the document will be the PROCESSED DATE (set to 1/18/00) and the appropriate value in the SIGNED BY field (SAR field #101).

We sincerely regret our delay in recognizing the impact of this error and the confusion this has caused you and your students. If you have any questions, please contact CPS Customer Service at 800-330-5947, option 2, or via email at
CPS@NCS.COM. You will not be charged for calls relating to this reprocessing.

If you have technical questions about our SFA systems and software, you may want to subscribe to our email list serve, SFATECH. For more information about SFATECH, including how to subscribe, look on-line at>

Last Modified: 04/03/2000