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2000-2001 Application Volumes

PublicationDate: 3/6/2000
Summary: 2000-2001 Application Volumes
Author: CPS - Central Processing System (CPS)

Posted March 6, 2000

To: EDE Destination Points
From: US Department of Education
Re: 2000-2001 Application Volumes

Through the last full week of February, there are about 170,000 fewer applications processed through the Central Processing System (CPS) compared to last year’s application volume. A review of the available data shows approximately 147,000 FAFSA on the Web, Renewal FAFSA on the Web, and FAFSA Express applications are waiting for signatures to be submitted by students. An average of 23,000 new web and FAFSA Express applications are being received daily.
As you know, when students finish their web application, they are prompted to print a signature page and mail it to the Multiple Data Entry (MDE) processor. Web applications are held-for up to 14 days-by the CPS pending the signature page. If after 14 days no signature page has been received, web applications are processed with the appropriate signature reject. New for this processing year: if a signature page is received after the web application is processed as a reject, the CPS will apply the signature page to the rejected transaction and process it again.
The MDE processor has been submitting signature pages within 3 days of receipt. As of 3/2/00, there are about 40,000 signatures pages in various stages of processing at the MDE. The CPS has been releasing about 20,000 web and FAFSA Express applications for processing per day based on the receipt of these signature pages and the elapsing of the 14 days signature wait period.
We would like to request your continued assistance in encouraging students to mail the signature pages associated with the web applications.
Students can verify their Web application was received immediately after it is submitted by returning to the home page, and selecting “check my submitted FAFSA” . The online status check allows students to check the status of their application from submission all the way to the processed SAR. If the student has a PIN, they can even look up their processed EFC. Also, students may call FAFSA on the Web Customer Service at 1-800-801-0576 and perform an automatic status check over the phone.

Last Modified: 03/15/2000