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Availability of EDExpress Version 5.4.1 Service Release

PublicationDate: 2/9/2000
Summary: Availability of EDExpress Version 5.4.1 Service Release
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on February 9, 2000

TO: All EDExpress Users
FROM: U.S. Department of Education
RE: Availability of EDExpress Version 5.4.1 Service Release

The Department wishes to inform all 1999-2000 EDExpress users of the
availability of service release Version 5.4.1, which resolves several
software issues present in the last EDExpress release, Version 5.4.

Version 5.4.1 is available for download from the Internet at The downloadable install file, called
EDExpressV541.exe, is self-extracting and will need to be run on ALL PC
workstations that access the 1999-2000 EDExpress database.

The following issues are scheduled to be resolved by Version 5.4.1. Issues
1-9 affect Direct Loan module users, while issues 10-16 affect Pell module

1) CM# 2230: When changing a Direct Loan Fee Percentage from 4% to 3%, you
must also re-enter the Loan Amount Requested and Approved fields. When you
save the record, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to recalculate
anticipated gross disbursement amounts. If you answer "Yes" to this prompt,
the software is re-originating the loan by resetting the Loan and Promissory
Note status fields to an "R" (Ready to Send) status.

2) CM#2245: Some schools are receiving the message "Error in sub query" when
attempting to print a List - Actual Disbursements if too many records meet
the criteria selected by the user for the report. The actual number of
records needed to trigger this message will vary from system to system.

3) CM# 2246: The subtotal values per student printing on the Direct Loan
List - Actual Disbursement report are incorrect for any report period

4) CM# 2272: Adjustment transactions (Type A and J) on the Direct Loan
List - Actual Disbursement report are incorrectly printing the Net
Adjustment Amount. The actual adjustment transaction amounts (gross amount
OR net amount OR gross, fee, and net amount) should print on the report.

5) CM# 2273: When you select the option to print the Direct Loan List -
Actual Disbursement report for gross, fee and net the subtotals and totals
are being calculated incorrectly. The subtotals and totals should be
calculated using net amounts and should print net subtotals and net totals.

6) CM# 2274: When calculating the booked and unbooked totals on the Direct
Loan List - Actual Disbursement report, the software is handling adjustment
transactions incorrectly in the calculation. When an adjustment transaction
(Type A or J) is part of a disbursement, the net adjustment amount should be
used when calculating the booked and unbooked totals. The booked and
unbooked totals should always be calculated using net amounts and should
result in net totals.

7) CM# 2275: When saving a change to the Loan Period Code on a Direct Loan
Origination record, EDExpress is changing the Loan and Promissory Note
Status fields to an "R" (Ready to Export) status, even if the Loan Status is
already "A" (Accepted), and the Promissory Note Status is "A" (Accepted) or
"P" (Printed).

8) CM# 2282: EDExpress is exporting all Disbursement Action Type "Q"
transactions (Adjusted Disbursement Date) as date changes to Actual
Disbursement number 1, even if the date change is for disbursement number 2
or a subsequent disbursement number.

9) CM# 2307: The Direct Loan Verify Change process allows you to resend a
Loan Amount Approved and/or Anticipated Disbursement Gross Amount or Date
change record to the LOC. Currently, this process is not working correctly.
If you select a change record to be resent using the Verify Change process,
the record is not being updated to an export-ready status and hence is not
being batched to be resent to the LOC.

10) CM#2031: When you choose to include Pell Disbursement information when
printing a Pell Origination Record report, EDExpress is incorrectly
calculating the Total YTD Amount for the Disbursement information listed.

11) CM# 2178: EDExpress is generating the message "Skipped - Special
Disbursement record is missing" when attempting to import a System-Generated
Pell Special Disbursement record. Software should not require an existing
Special Pell Disbursement record to import a System-Generated Special Pell
Disbursement record.

12) CM# 2218: The Pell YTD comparison report does not display the correct
column headings for Pell Disbursement discrepancy information. The columns
marked "Award Amount," "Orig Stat," and "RFMS Stat" are actually Pell
Origination record fields. The report should actually be displaying "Disb
Amount," "Disb Status," and "RFMS Stat."

13) CM# 2244: If you import a Pell YTD file and select "Rebuild All" for
your Update option, any students with more than one accepted or corrected
Pell Disbursement record will only have the highest Disbursement Reference
Number added on the Pell Disburse tab. The columns for the previously
accepted or corrected disbursements will be left blank on the tab.

14) CM# 2269: Student Pell Origination Records with an apostrophe as part of
the name ID are incorrectly flagging as discrepancies when importing a Pell
YTD file. These student records also generate an error message during the
YTD import when "Rebuild All" is selected as the Update option.

15) CM# 2270: The Pell YTD Exception Report, which displays discrepancies
between the data in the YTD file and the data in your database, is
incorrectly printing the total award amount for all Pell Origination records
as the Total Award Amount Exceptions. This will only occur if there is at
least one discrepancy discovered during the import. The report will
correctly display $0 if this is truly the Total Award Amount Exceptions

16) CM# 2310: The Data Request export option for Pell YTD files does not
allow you to designate a specific attended campus code, only a reporting
campus code. Schools can currently only receive YTD data for students with
the same reporting and attended campus codes.

To run the service release install, first download the EDExpressv541.exe
file from the SFAdownload site to a directory on your hard drive or network.
Close all running applications, go to Start | Run, type in the directory
location of the downloaded file, type the file name itself (I.E.
C:then click OK. This will extract the
necessary install files and automatically launch the install program.

If you have multiple PC workstations accessing a networked EDExpress
database, copy the install file from PC to PC, running the install on each
as you proceed, or run the installation program from the network drive it is
saved to. Be sure to reboot each PC Version 5.4.1 is installed on once the
installation program is complete.

Version 5.4.1 will not perform any updates to your EDExpress database

If you need any assistance connecting to the SFAdownload site or downloading
Version 5.4.1, please contact Title IV WAN Customer Service at 800/615-1189,
or via email at

If you need assistance with the installation or use of Version 5.4.1 once
downloaded from the SFAdownload Web site, please contact CPS Customer
Service at 800/330-5947, option 3 (for Direct Loan questions) or option 4
(for Pell questions), or via email at

If you have technical questions about our SFA systems and software, you may
want to subscribe to our e-mail list serve, SFATECH. For more information
about SFATECH, including how to subscribe, look on-line at

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