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Modification to CPS Batch Trailer Records

PublicationDate: 1/12/2000
Summary: Modification to CPS Batch Trailer Records
Author: PSS - Program Systems Service

Posted on January 12, 2000

TO: All Destination Points
FROM: CPS Customer Service
RE: Modification to CPS Batch Trailer Records

CPS wants to inform you of a minor modification to the formatting of
trailer records for EAPS00OP, SARR00OP, or REAP00OP batches processed by
the CPS. This change affects field 9, positions 57-61, of the CPS trailer
record. Field 9 is the field in the trailer indicating the total number of
student records in a batch.

Prior to making this change, field 9 of the trailer record reported the
number of ISIR records in the file. Starting on January 4, 2000, the CPS
has modified this format to now reflect the number of records sent in the
corresponding EAPS00IN, CORR00IN, or REAP00IN file. This change has been
made in order to make CPS trailer records more consistent for all message

This change will help participants recognize when an application or
correction record is rejected. For example, if a school receives an ISIR
batch with field 9 in the trailer indicating there were five records sent,
but there are only three ISIR records in the batch, this would indicate
two of the records from the original application or correction batch were
rejected. In this scenerio the school should then look for an EAPR00OP,
SARE00OP, or RAPR00OP batch, which will provide detailed information as to
which records had rejected and why they rejected.

This change for the 1999-2000 processing cycle will be rolled over to the
2000-2001 cycle as well.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact CPS
Customer Service at 800-330-5947, option 2, or via email at CPS@NCS.COM.
Questions regarding CPS can also be posted to the SFATech listserve; for
more information on subscribing to SFATECH, please review the SFATECH
section at:

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