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Federal Register notice on Negotiated Rulemaking

PublicationDate: 1/4/2000
Summary: Federal Register notice on Negotiated Rulemaking
Author: PDD - Policy Development Division/SAIS


TO: Financial Aid Community

DATE: 1/4/2000

RE: Federal Register notice on Negotiated Rulemaking

Attached is a text and PDF copy of the Notice that was published in the Federal Register on December 30, 1999 announcing our intention to establish negotiated rulemaking committees for student assistance regulations and identifying dates for meetings and possible issues to be discussed.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an error in the Notice regarding the dates of the first meetings of each of the two Committees. The correct dates for the first meetings are:

Committee One - February 3 & 4, 2000
Committee Two - February 7 & 8, 2000.

The meeting scheduled for January 18, 2000 to discuss procedures for the negotiation sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Department's main building (FB6) at 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, in Washington.

Also, is the correct e-mail address to submit nominations for negotiators. Nominations should be sent no later than January 18, 2000.

For further information you may contact Beth Grebeldinger at the above e-mail address or by calling her at (202) 205-8822.

December 30, 1999 Federal Register Notice

Last Modified: 01/03/2000